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[TABLE RONDE] What transition for the automobile industry in view of the electrification of the fleet?

The European Union, with the legislative package “Adjustment to Objective 55”, has signaled the end of the marketing of thermal vehicles for 2035. How do the upstream and downstream sectors of the automotive industry anticipate these developments and are they already working on the future of their industry?

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[TABLE RONDE] Decarbonizing short and medium distance mobility on a daily basis, what solutions to facilitate door-to-door journeys?

Sustainable travel, practicality, quality of life... There is no shortage of benefits and solutions exist to decarbonize everyday mobility.

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The major event on low carbon mobility

Because zero carbon is an effective equation between uses and needs, choices at the level of governments and territories and industrial & technological solutions.

A major exhibition to convince and move forward, from yesterday to today, from today to tomorrow, for cities and the lands, for makers and users.

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