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Pourquoi la fin du thermique en 2035 est menacée

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Five reasons that threaten the end of combustion engines by 2035 4

The end of the ecological bonus, the delay in electrification, the offensive by Chinese manufacturers...we explain why the end of combustion engines by 2035 is under threat.

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[TABLE RONDE] Low Emission Zones Beyond Criticism: Their Implementation in France and Europe in Support of Air and Climate Policies. Feedback, Testimonies, Dialogue, and Mobilization of Stakeholders to Reconcile Challenges and Realities. 2

As the debate intensifies in France, it becomes necessary to clarify the objectives and challenges of Low Emission Zones (LEZs) against the backdrop of numerous misconceptions permeating the public debate. Through testimonies, the session aims to illustrate experiences to calm the subject and overcome the encountered difficulties, which are real and carry a definite social risk.

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[TABLE RONDE] What transition for the automobile industry in view of the electrification of the fleet? 3

The European Union, with the legislative package “Adjustment to Objective 55”, has signaled the end of the marketing of thermal vehicles for 2035. How do the upstream and downstream sectors of the automotive industry anticipate these developments and are they already working on the future of their industry?

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[TABLE RONDE] Decarbonizing short and medium distance mobility on a daily basis, what solutions to facilitate door-to-door journeys? 4

Sustainable travel, practicality, quality of life... There is no shortage of benefits and solutions exist to decarbonize everyday mobility.