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Driving the future

[TABLE RONDE] Transport of goods, what developments in the face of the decarbonization imperative? How far can delivery go?

The transport of goods is one of the major causes of environmental degradation: solutions exist.

This round table was an opportunity to pragmatically address the issues facing the road freight transport sector in the context of its decarbonization which remains the main mode of goods transport. Thus the sequence made it possible to shed light on developments in their technical, technological, organizational and structural dimensions.

🎤 Featuring interventions from:

  • Constance Marechal Dereu, General Manager, France Logistique
  • Anne-Marie Jean, Vice-présidente, Eurométropole de Strasbourg
  • Bernard Jacob, Vice présidence Recherche, Université Gustave Eiffel
  • Florence Berthelot, Déléguée Générale, FNTR
  • Annick Renoux, Directrice Commerciale région Ouest, Webfleet
  • Bruno Kloeckner, Managing Director, XPO Logistics France
  • Hosted by:
  • Marie-Xavière Wauquiez, Directrice de missions « Transition Energétique » – SETEC ITS, Présidente de Femmes en Mouvement

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