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The climate imperative is transforming our world. It requires us to change our uses, the way we produce, consume, move.

To adapt to these transformations, a new mobility ecosystem is being organised, responding to new challenges and unveiling new solutions.

We offer a first professional meeting bringing into action and connecting public actors and companies, to meet the challenges of the deployment of carbon-free mobility:

  • Supporting the evolution of the mobility industries
  • Connecting public and private actors for the deployment of the necessary infrastructures
  • Promoting low-carbon mobility solutions

A exhibition in Paris from April 5 to 7, 2023

  • An exhibition organized around the “0 emission” objective
  • Exhibitor booths, themed areas, a gallery of solutions
  • Experts talks, international opinion leaders


  • A business meetings program
  • Togetherness moments and networking
  • Masterclass, workshops and thematic workshops

A media of reference to communicate all year round

  • To deal with the subject of the deployment of low-carbon mobility, over time
  • Innovative video formats and articles to highlight solutions

Great Experiences to enliven and punctuate the event

  • An inspiring program
  • Animations, demonstrations, test drives
  • A Great Reception, A Grand Prize for Innovation"

For who?


  • Energy companies, manufacturers, charging operators, mobility solutions
  • Vehicle and equipment manufacturers
  • Distributors, rental companies
  • After-sales services, maintenance and repair
  • Banking, Finance, insurance
  • Organismes de formation


  • Automotive downstream industry professionals
  • Territories and government: communities, transport operators, AOMs, state agencies and services
  • Private and public buyers wishing to equip themselves: fleets, infrastructures, equipment and vehicles
  • Real estate professionals (housing, commercial, offices)

Taking place at

Le Grand Palais Éphémère

An exceptional place, witness to developments in the automotive industry.


To punctuate and animate the event in an inspiring way.

Inspirational Talks

  • Tracks of talks to inspire, by leading opinion leaders

Innovation awards

  • Presentation of the most innovative solutions through a grand prize for innovation

Outside the walls

  • Real and immersive experiences of the solutions

Immersive Art Exhibition

  • The story of Drive to Zero through an immersive art exhibit.

The Great Party

  • The big Drive to Zero Party, a key moment of conviviality and networking.

Institutional partners

Media partners